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June 2012 Sustainable Progress
August 15, 2008 Grim Statistics Point to "World's Greatest Scandal"
March 22, 2008 World Chlorine Council Recognizes Positive Imapct of Chlorine Chemistry On World Water Day
April 20, 2007 New Pipes Mean Renewed Life for Thousands in West Africa
June 2, 2006 Chlor-Vinyl Industries Host Sustainability Conference
August 21, 2005 Safe Water is the Clear Solution for World Water Week
March 13, 2003 Delegate of Chlorine Chemistry Industry To Address World Water Forum in Kyoto
Nov. 25 , 2002 Natural Step Founder Speaks at Conference on Chlorine
Aug. 30 , 2002 Johannesburg Summit Calls Clean Water a Human Right
Aug. 22 , 2002 Chlorine Industry Helps Provide Clean Water to West Africa



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WCC Policy Paper: Drinking Water Chlorination
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Sustainability Commitments and Actions
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Chlor-Alkali Manufacturing Processes
Chlor-Alkali Manufacturing Processes
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The World Chlorine Council and Sustainable Development
The World Chlorine Council and Sustainable Development
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Chlorine Chemistry's Role in Our Daily Lives
Chlorine Chemistry's Role
in Our Daily Lives
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Chlorine's Important Co-product: Caustic Soda
Chlorine's Important
Co-product: Caustic Soda
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Drop of Life
Delivering Safe Water to the World

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Procedures for
Loading and Off-Loading
Liquid Chlorine Containers

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Chlorine Safety Scrubbing Systems
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