a global voice for the industry -- The world Chlorine Council is a global network of national and regional trade association and their member companies representing the chlorine and chlorinated products industries.
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About WCC

The World Chlorine Council (WCC) is a global network representing the chlorine and chlorinated products industries. It brings together national and regional trade associations, along with their member companies. The WCC currently represents over 23 national/regional associations in over 27 countries accounting for over 80 percent of global chlorine production. The WCC was formed in 1993 to improve awareness of the benefits of chlorine chemistry; further the practice and understanding of responsible stewardship; and anticipate and respond to relevant health, environmental and public policy issues. Through stewardship, research and advocacy, WCC works to ensure that the products and applications of chlorine chemistry continue to be regarded by policymakers and the public as sustainable and commercially viable.

Chlorine chemistry is essential to manufacturing the thousands of products and services that enhance the health, safety, convenience and comfort of our lives.



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